Monday, January 16, 2012

You've Got {Valentine} Mail

I had this fun idea that I did for my kids last year and they LOVED IT!
I thought I'd share...

While browsing the craft store I found this cute little mailbox and some felt heart stickers to decorate it.

Who wouldn't LOOOVE getting Valentine mail???

Each day leading up to Valentine's Day, I'd fill it with sweet treats, little love notes or a fun Valentine activity to do together with my kids.

For one of the days I colored heart paper doilies, wrote a special "love" message for each of my kids on the back, stuck a treat to it, shoved them in the mailbox and put the
"Attention: You've Got Mail" flag up.

My three sweeties squealed with delight every time they noticed the "You've Got Mail" flag was up!
They LOVED it!

It turned out to be a fun and simply way to let my little cuties know how much I love them.  Plus, it's always fun to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's holiday.  Can't wait to pull out our mailbox and get started with our Valentine countdown this year!

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