Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Shirts

I'm a sucker for cutesie holiday shirts and as long as my kids are still young enough to wear them, they're gonna! :)

I made these fun Christmas shirts for my little kiddies this year. Who doesn't love a good holiday shirt, right?! They were so simple to make and took no time at all!

First we'll start with my Little Lady's ruffle tree shirt.
You'll need a plain white t-shirt and Christmas material. You could use as many different Christmas fabrics as you'd like but I found these two fabrics that went perfect together so I just stuck with two alternating ruffles.
Next I cut a 3" strip of each material for the ruffles. Sew the strips together, then open the seam and iron flat down the center. {see pic below}
Next step, the ruffles. After you've back stitched a few stitches to start on your ruffle piece, stop sewing with the needle still down in the material to hold it secure. Then, lift the presser foot, scrunch the material a little from the sides then put the presser foot back down and sew the scrunched section. Repeat this until your whole strip is ruffled, back stitching at the end.
Next, decide how long you want your tree "branches" on your shirt and cut your ruffle stripes to size--be very careful not to pull too hard on the ruffles once their cut. Then, back tack a few stitches at the ends of each "branch" so your ruffles don't come apart.
Place your finished ruffles on your shirt and pin them in place. When they're nice and secure where you want them, sew the ruffles on the shirt with your sewing machine. And that's it, you're done! Isn't it so cute?
I made a cute ruffle flower clip for my daughters hair with the extra ruffles I had using my trusty glue gun and an alligator clip. So cute!

Now, for the cute Snowman shirts I followed a way easy tutorial on Brassy Apple. I've already had so many comments on these cute shirts and better yet, my boys love their Snowman shirts!

Happy Holiday sewing!!


  1. What a very Sweet idea..And I can tell those little shirts are VERY much loved...By seeing those Big grins on your Little ones faces.. :) I would love for you to stop by and share them here

  2. Those shirts are two cute. I really like how you used the alternating fabrics for the tree shirts. I am a new follower visiting from Today's Creative Blog. Vicky from Mess For Less