Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crayon Valentine-Heart Sun Catchers

Aren't they adorable? This is such a fun activity to do with the kids and most likely you already have all the supplies you'll need laying around your house! Perfect! Love that!
These cute sun catchers would work with any holiday really. We usually do it for St. Patrick's Day too and cut clovers instead of hearts. :)

Step 1: Shave up all those old and broken, red, pink, white, purple crayons you have laying around the house. Everybody has some right? :) I just used a sharp knife to make my shavings.

Step 2: Place a piece of wax paper over a brown paper bag. Let your kids spread crayon shavings over the wax paper, using whatever color combo they'd like.

Step 3: Place another piece of wax paper on top of your shavings, then place another brown paper bag on top of the wax paper. Iron on top of the brown paper bag with a warm iron until your crayon shavings begin to melt and spread.
Wa-la! You've got yourself a fancy, colorful, Valentine sun catcher.

Step 4: Let them cool for just a minute or two, then let your kids get busy drawing and cutting heart shapes out of them. My kids especially LOVE this part!

Step 5: Tape all your cutesy Valentine colored hearts to the windows and watch them gleam in the sunshine!

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Now, go gather up all those old, un-wanted crayons and get shaving!  :)

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