Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Necktie Treat Bag for Father's Day

There are so many fun ideas out there in the crafting world that have to do with
Father's Day and neckties.
Classic combo, right? :)

I got to thinkin'. . .
Here is my spin on the famous duo. . .

The Necktie Treat Bag! Wahoo!
Just fill these little cuties with your Dad's, Hubster's or Father-in-laws favorite treats and he'll be one happy Daddy!

If you use leftover/scrap fabric like I did from my couch pillows, plus already have plenty of spools of ribbon like I do, then doesn't that make this project pretty much free???
{minus the candy you shove in it of course}
Yes.  Yes I think does!  haha!  ...something to think about anyway. . .  :)

Okay, so this is how I did it:
First, draw and cut out a necktie template on card stock.
*Note:  when you're drawing your template, keep in mind that you'll be stuffing it with candy so you'll want your tie to be big enough and especially wide enough to shove candy down into.* 

Then, trace your template onto your fabric and cut out your necktie pieces. You'll need two necktie pieces for each bag you make.

Next, for the handle of the bag, cut a long strip of material {mine was a 18.5"x3" strip}, fold it in half long ways, sew down the open seam, turn it right side out and iron it flat. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Next, decide the design/pattern of your tie and cut your ribbon to size. Then, pin and sew your ribbon in place.

After your ribbons are sewn in place, pin and sew your handle into place.

If you want to add anything to the back of your bag now is the time to do it. {My daughter wanted to help so she cut out a fabulous heart for me to sew on the back just so they would know it was made with love, so cute!} I also sewed a line across the top of the back piece just so it would match with the front piece. Then, pin front and back pieces together.

Now, sew the side seams of your necktie closed, trim the excess ribbon and wa-la!
Simple as that and you've got yourself one nifty necktie treat bag!

So fun, right?

Now, it's not meant to go around your Dad's neck {unless your Dad's head is the size of a two year olds head, then he could put it around his neck :) } but, my littlest fella sure had fun diggin' the candy out while sporting the new necktie!  :) 

These were so fun and simple to make and I know that my Father, the Father of my children and my Father-in-law are going to LOVE them!!

So, go grab some srap material, some ribbon and get to sewin'!  :)

~ Holly ~

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