Monday, January 23, 2012

New Pillows

So I've been searching for new material to recover my pillows with. I was never happy with the material I had on them in the first place.  I came across some fabric at the DI for $2 and fell in love with it (the yellow/gold pillow).  Knowing my Mom was coming for a visit and her being my sewing lady and all, I had her bring her sewing machine along so we could fix my pillows.  While she was here we just happen to come across some pillows (the back pillow with all the colors) at Sam's Club for $4.91 a piece.  I snagged the last two knowing they would look great with my yellow/gold fabric.  We then came home and started sewing. Once the sewing was all done and the pillows were on the couch it seemed to be missing something...the blue color.  So out we went looking for some more fabric.  We ended up at our local craft store, using my 50% coupon I found the color and ended up paying $2 for a yard of it.  I'm so happy with the combination of all three pillows.  It is the best $14 I spent in a long time!

I decided to add a couple of rosettes to the yellow/gold pillow.  Aren't they cute?
Since I changed the color scheme in the room I had to change a bit of my decor.  I picked up a bottle of paint to bring in the blue and painted some of my picture frames.
And I painted this "C" gold to match my yellow/gold pillows.

I'm so happy with how it all turned out!  A big thanks to my Mom for all her help sewing my pillows!

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