Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful Turkey Ideas

The first idea. . .

With Thanksgiving just around the corner we decided to help Allee understand what it means to be thankful by making a "Thankful Turkey". 
With some construciton paper, crayons, markers, and a glue stick you've got yourself a "Thankful Turkey".  We wrote on each feather the things that Allee are thankful for. 
 Her favorite part was coloring and gluing on the feathers.
She had to tape the turkey up on the door herself and added her own tape memento to the turkey's face.
Later I added the "Give Thanks" banner cut out from my Cricut to finish it off!

The second idea. . .

I found this fun 'Thankful Turkey Wreath' idea on pinterest. It was so fun and easy to make with my kids, they loved it! We decided to add a little something extra to our Turkey Wreaths though, and wrote things we are grateful for on the feathers.
All you need is a paper plate, construction paper, scissors, a marker, and glue. You can follow the tutorial on the pinterest link. Enjoy! :)


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