Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Stacker

Isn't it cute? And so easy too!

Here are all the supplies you'll need:
the wood is a 2x2 board, cut into a 10' block, 8' block and a 6' block. Black, orange and purple paint, paint brush, vinyl words, purple tulle, black wire ribbon and orange feathers. Oh and don't forget your hot glue gun, always a must when crafting! :)

First, paint your blocks and let them dry. Then stick your vinyl words on the blocks. Hot glue your blocks on top of each other just to make it a little more sturdy. Wrap the tulle around the sides of your stacker and tie at the top. Lay the black ribbon and another small piece of tulle over your knot and tie it again. Trim your tulle and black ribbon to your liking.  Hot glue the orange feathers in place and you're done!
So quick and easy!

Looks fabulous on any shelf in your home!
Happy Halloween!

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