Friday, May 20, 2011

Vinyl For The Kitchen

I'm so proud of my little Cricut even though I am loathing a Silouhette machine.  I have the very first version of the Cricuts that hit the market and I put this thing to work.  I have collected a couple of fun cartridges over the years which made this project so fun!

I started out with the good ole' Home Decor cartridge for most of the project and then used a couple different alphabet cartridges for the words.  I purchased my vinyl on Ebay which were cut to size 6x12 sheets with many color options.  I choose the Matte Black vinyl (I really like the matte because the shine on the regular black causes glares that make it hard to read when it is on a wall) and started my project.
Here are the words that already cut and ready for transfer tape.
Finished project--onto the next... 
To tie in the scrolls between the words I added one above the stove.  This actually turned out to be my favorite part!  I'm so pleased with how it all turned out!

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