Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Button Heart Plaque

This by far is my favorite Valentine decoration in my house!  It was fun and easy to make and turned out great!
 You will need:
Old cabinet door
White spray paint
Buttons (red, white, pink, black, or gray)
Hot glue gun
Vinyl lettering (optional)

You start out by spray painting your old cabinet door white (you can pick up old remnant doors at a local cabinet shop for a pretty good deal). As soon as the door is dry gather all your buttons and start arranging them in the shape of a heart.  When you get your desired shape, heat up the glue gun and start gluing them into place.  When finished add a Valentine's expression in vinyl (optional).

Here are the ones my sister-in-law and Mom made.  I love how each of ours turned out to fit our personalities.  My sister-in-law added black buttons to hers and my Mom kept her door oak to match all the oak in her house.  What a fun project!

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  1. I LOVE this... now do I have to make it??? or Can I buy one?? :)